Enric Crespo

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In this paper we develop a heuristic algorithm, based on Scatter Search, for project scheduling problems under partially renewable resources. This new type of resource can be viewed as a generalization of renewable and non-renewable resources, and is very helpful in modelling conditions that do no fit into classical models, but which appear in real(More)
In this paper we describe a new student registration system which has been developed at the University of Valencia, Spain. The system has two steps. First, the students make a computer-aided course selection from the courses available at the University. Thereafter, an assignment procedure allocates students to sections in order to respect two criteria: to(More)
Recently, in the field of project scheduling problems the concept of partially renewable resources has been introduced. Theoretically, it is a generalization of both renewable and non-renewable resources. From an applied point of view, partially renewable resources allow us to model a large variety of situations that do not fit in classical models, but can(More)
A combination of heuristics, based on Tabu Search, first finds a solution in which no student has two exams simultaneously and then improves it by evenly spacing the exams in the examination period. The algorithm has been imbedded into a package to be used by Faculty administrators and proposes solutions to be considered by the parties involved:(More)
There are notable differences between the real problems of scheduling and the theoretical patterns. This paper develops an algorithmic approach to the scheduling of aircraft maintenance, taking into account the operating conditions imposed by the maintenance company. The basic differences with regard to RCPS stem from the following factors: the variation(More)
In the last 10 years we have been working on large scale academic organization problems. For the university we have worked on exam scheduling, student assignment to sections, course scheduling and a process of student self-registration. The developed algorithms are quite complex and are based on different techniques, but for all of them the Tabu Search(More)
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