Enric Claverol-Tinturé

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It is of broad interest in the context of neuronal multiunit extracellular recordings to understand electrode-tissue interactions in order to maximize the number of recordable units and to minimize experimental artifacts due to mechanical tissue alteration. Toward this goal, a computer model of microwire electrode insertion in hippocampus CA1 area was(More)
Precisely timed action potentials related to stimuli and behavior have been observed in the cerebral cortex. However, information carried by the precise spike timing has to propagate through many cortical areas, and noise could disrupt millisecond precision during the transmission. Previous studies have demonstrated that only strong stimuli that evoke a(More)
Electroporation of neurons, i.e. electric-field induced generation of membrane nanopores to facilitate internalization of molecules, is a classic technique used in basic neuroscience research and recently has been proposed as a promising therapeutic strategy in the area of neuro-oncology. To optimize electroporation parameters, optical techniques capable of(More)
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