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Vibrio cholerae O1 in 2 Coastal Villages, Papua New Guinea
To the Editor: Cholera outbreak reports are of international public health interest, especially in areas that were previously cholera free (1). Although many recent cholera outbreaks have originatedExpand
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Vibrio cholerae antimicrobial drug resistance, Papua New Guinea, 2009-2011.
WPSAR Vol 4, No 3, 2013 | doi: 10.5365/wpsar.2013.4.2.002 www.wpro.who.int/wpsar 1 a World Health Organization, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. b Pathology Department, Port Moresby General Hospital,Expand
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Cholera risk factors, Papua New Guinea, 2010
BackgroundCholera is newly emergent in Papua New Guinea but may soon become endemic. Identifying the risk factors for cholera provides evidence for targeted prevention and control measures.MethodsWeExpand
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Are hard-to-reach populations being reached with immunization services? Findings from the 2005 Papua New Guinea national immunization coverage survey.
OBJECTIVE To measure immunization coverage among children aged 12-23 months in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and to assess if and why there are differences between hard-to-reach and more accessibleExpand
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Shigella spp. Antimicrobial Drug Resistance, Papua New Guinea, 2000–2009
To the Editor: Approximately half the Shigella spp. infections in developing countries are caused by endemic shigellae (1), which in these countries are responsible for ≈10% of all episodes ofExpand
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Concurrent influenza and shigellosis outbreaks, Papua New Guinea, 2009.
To the Editor: A high case-fatality ratio has often been associated with outbreaks of a new influenza virus but is less commonly reported in association with seasonal influenza. Nevertheless, inExpand
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Concurrent Outbreaks of Cholera and Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with High Mortality among Persons Internally Displaced by a Volcanic Eruption
Background In October 2004, Manam Island volcano in Papua New Guinea erupted, causing over 10 000 villagers to flee to internally displaced person (IDP) camps, including 550 from Dugulaba village.Expand
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A qualitative evaluation of the immunization program in Papua New Guinea.
OBJECTIVE An in-depth evaluation of rural immunization services in Papua New Guinea was conducted to determine the reasons for poor immunization coverage, as well as to document the impact of recentExpand
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Fatal Avian Infl uenza ( H 5 N 1 ) Infection in Human , China
positive samples have been identifi ed during outbreaks. Molecular methods may serve as an adjunct to traditional laboratory methods by improving sensitivity and also enabling diagnosis of ShigellaExpand