Enobong Emmanuel Ikpeme

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BACKGROUND Haemodialysis is the most common form of renal replacement therapy in Nigeria. The high cost of haemodialysis has made optimal therapy of end-stage renal disease difficult in Nigeria. This paper is a review of data collected over two years of provision of dialysis services in a new tertiary hospital in Southern Nigeria. METHODS This(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori infection occurs worldwide with higher seroprevalence rates in the childhood populations of developing countries. In Nigeria, there is a dearth of information concerning its occurrence in children and infection enhancing factors. A prospective seroepidemiologic survey to determine the prevalence rate and possible associations(More)
BACKGROUND Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Hepatitis B Virus (HIV/HBV) co-infection in Nigerian children has emerged as a major concern with the advent of HAART. Its impact on the immune system and liver has not been extensively studied in children. OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of HBV seropositivity among HIV positive children on HAART and its(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge and attitude of school teachers with regard to seizure disorder has an important impact on continuation of schooling of children with seizure disorder. Though school teachers in both rural and urban settings are exposed to the same training, their perception of seizure disorder could be influenced by the environment in which they(More)
INTRODUCTION Childhood malignancies are now recognized as a growing global challenge, especially in resource poor settings. Although they constitute a smaller percentage of childhood illnesses in developing countries, compared with infectious diseases, the burden of cancer is still a tremendous problem on patients, families, the healthcare system, and the(More)
BACKGROUND HIV associated nephropathy (HIVAN) is the most common form of chronic kidney disease resulting directly from HIV infection. The true prevalence of HIVAN in the paediatric population of West Africa is unknown, largely due to lack of surveillance and reporting of kidney disease in HIV positive patients. METHODS This was a prospective study over a(More)
Sexual activity among 534 Nigerian female secondary school students was studied using self-administered questionnaire. Prevalence of sexual intercourse was 25.7%. There was no significant difference between the junior (48.2%) and senior (51.8%) students (p > 0.05). Seventeen (12.4%) students had initiated sexual intercourse before 11 years. The frequency of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the predictors of C-reactive protein response in plasmodium falciparum malaria as seen in children in a malaria endemic region of Nigeria. DESIGN A prospective cross-sectional study. SETTING The Children Out-patient (CHOP) Clinic, Children Emergency Unit (CHEU), Child Welfare/Growth Monitoring Clinic, Immunisation Centre and(More)
The research was carried out to study the AIDS awareness and knowledge of 462 final year primary school pupils selected by multistage sampling technique from four primary school in Port Harcourt metropolis. Ninety-seven point six percent pupils reported that they had heard of AIDS. Only 47.6% knew the correct meaning of AIDS. among whom 63.2% were in(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual activity is on the increase among teenagers worldwide, with a trend towards early onset. These activities are often unplanned and may lead to unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. Teenagers in developing countries exhibit little knowledge, and exposure to contraceptives. This study was undertaken to(More)
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