Enny Zulaika

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The concept of Mobile Electronic Nose (MoLen) is very promising for Sensing as a Service (S<sup>2</sup>aaS) applications. In Internet of Things (IoT) era, MoLen can be implemented in many real-world applications such as food quality assessment, medical applications, gas leakage detection, home or automotive safety system, environment monitoring, etc. The(More)
  • Pembangunan Berkelanjutan, Jurusan Biologi-FMIPA-ITS, Maya Shovitri, Enny Zulaika
  • 2011
A mercuric ion Hg is toxic. But through a natural process it is reduced to an elemental mercuric ion Hg which is less or not toxic catalyzed by mercury resistant bacteria. This present study successfully isolated, purified and characterized 9 bacterial isolates candidate as mercury resistant bacteria from the Mas River, Surabaya which was contaminated by(More)
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