Enno Krauss

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We describe a setup consisting of a 4f pulse shaper and a microscope with a high-NA objective lens and discuss the aspects most relevant for an undistorted spatiotemporal profile of the focused beam. We demonstrate shaper-assisted pulse compression in focus to a sub-10-fs duration using phase-resolved interferometric spectral modulation (PRISM). We(More)
We experimentally demonstrate synthesis and in situ analysis of multimode plasmonic excitations in two-wire transmission lines supporting a symmetric and an antisymmetric eigenmode. To this end we irradiate an incoupling antenna with a diffraction-limited excitation spot exploiting a polarization- and position-dependent excitation efficiency. Modal analysis(More)
The design of noble-metal plasmonic devices and nanocircuitry requires a fundamental understanding and control of the interference of plasmonic modes. Here we report the first visualization of the propagation and interference of guided modes in a showcase plasmonic nanocircuit using normal-incidence nonlinear two-photon photoemission electron microscopy(More)
The demand for using nanostructures fabricated by focused ion beam (FIB) on delicate substrates or as building blocks for complex devices motivates the development of protocols that allow FIB-fabricated nanostructures to be transferred from the original substrate to the desired target. However, transfer of FIB-fabricated nanostructures is severely hindered(More)
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