Enno Kätelhön

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Real-time investigations of neurotransmitter release provide a direct insight on the mechanisms involved in synaptic communication. Carbon fiber microelectrodes are state-of-the-art tools for electrochemical measurements of single vesicle neurotransmitter release. Yet, they lack high-throughput capabilities that are required for collecting robust(More)
We introduce a novel device for the mapping of redox-active compounds at high spatial resolution based on a crossbar electrode architecture. The sensor array is formed by two sets of 16 parallel band electrodes that are arranged perpendicular to each other on the wafer surface. At each intersection, the crossing bars are separated by a ca. 65 nm high(More)
Recent progress in the theory and practice of voltammetry is surveyed and evaluated. The transformation over the last decade of the level of modelling and simulation of experiments has realised major advances such that electrochemical techniques can be fully developed and applied to real chemical problems of distinct complexity. This review focuses on the(More)
In eqn (15), we provide an expression for the voltammetric peak separation in a voltammogram recorded under Nernstian conditions and a 1 : 1 stoichiometry at a microdisk electrode: ΔE pp ¼ 2:218 RT nF ð15Þ Following this equation it should say " …in the limit of fast scan rates, σ → ∞, or in the large-electrode limit. In the σ → 0 limit the voltammetric(More)
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