Ennis T. Ogawa

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Multi-link statistical test structures were used to study the effect of low k dielectrics on EM reliability of Cu interconnects. Experiments were performed on dual-damascene Cu interconnects integrated with oxide, CVD low k, porous MSQ, and organic polymer ILD. The EM activation energy for Cu structures was found to be between 0.8 and 1.0 eV, indicating(More)
SRAM physical unclonable function (PUF) provides a low-cost security key to address hardware attacks such as cloning as well as for reliability tracking of ICs in the field. In this work the quality and aging reliability of 28 nm high-K metal gate planar and 16 nm FinFET based SRAMs are discussed in detail with regards to their use in PUF. Data indicates(More)
Alpha emission rate measurements were performed on solder bump material at room temperature and post bake at high temperature. Results indicate an increase in alpha emission rate after high temperature bake process attributable to Po-210 out-diffusion from such solder bumps. Real-time system-level soft error rate (SER) measurements show >60% higher(More)
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