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The cost of delivering a unit of blood (whole blood or red cells) to a hospitalized patient was examined in 19 United States teaching hospitals. The average hospital acquisition cost was calculated by using the prices charged by regional blood centers for blood products. To this cost was added an estimate of costs incurred by hospitals for handling,(More)
A gravida 1, para O, 17-year-old black female was found on prenatal testing to be group O, Du+, the latter test showing many unagglutinated cells. Because of the mixed-field appearance, the patient was thought initially to have bad a fetal-maternal hemorrhage. Additional red cell typings were performed, but no other apparent mixed-field reactions were(More)
Platelets play an important role in atherogenesis. This has given rise to the speculation that inhibitors of platelet function may prevent atherosclerotic changes. Two distinct therapeutic goals might be achieved by the use of inhibitors of platelet function in vascular disease - one, the prevention of thrombosis and, two, the prevention of atherosclerosis.(More)
Prehistoric man left drawings of himself pierced by arrows. This means he was as aware of blood as he was of his own limbs. The flint implements he used as tools and weapons distinguished him from other creatures and contributed to the violence of his era. As he hunted food and fought enemies, he observed bleeding and the properties of blood. A cut,(More)
This article discusses anemia, the evaluation of symptoms, and the compensatory mechanisms that are brought into play by chronic anemia. The oxygen dissociation curve is described as is the effect of 2,3-DPG on hemoglobin-oxygen binding. Human tolerance to anemia is discussed and the article concludes with proposed transfusion strategies in chronic anemia.
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