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BACKGROUND Remifentanil may attenuate maternal hemodynamic response during cesarean section under general anesthesia, but could cause transient but significant neonatal depression. We investigated the effect of low-dose remifentanil on maternal neuroendocrine response and fetal wellbeing. METHODS Forty-two ASA I-II parturients undergoing cesarean section(More)
BACKGROUND Attenuation of central sensitization with NMDA-active drugs such as S-Ketamine may play a role in postoperative analgesia and prevention of neuropathic pain. However, during cesarean section with neuraxial block, S-Ketamine might have adverse effects on the interaction between mothers and infants, including breastfeeding. METHODS Women(More)
An HPLC-MS with electrospray ionization method for the determination of remifentanil in human plasma samples, pre-treated with SPE cartridge, has been developed and validated. Ionisation was performed by positive-ion electrospray and quadrupole filter mass spectrometer operated in the single ion-recording mode. Pre-treatment was performed using Waters(More)
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