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The diamine putrescine and polyamines, spermidine (triamine) and spermine (tetraamine) are small organic polycations that play an indispensable role in key cellular processes such as the regulation of growth, differentiation, and macromolecular functions. Elevated levels of polyamines (PAs) have been shown to be one of the major factors involved in(More)
Eukaryotic Armadillo (ARM) repeat proteins are multifaceted with prominent roles in cell-cell adhesion, cytoskeletal regulation and intracellular signaling among many others. One such ARM repeat containing protein, ARM Repeats Only (ARO), has recently been demonstrated in both Toxoplasma (TgARO) and Plasmodium (PfARO) parasites to be targeted to the(More)
Background. Crucial gaps in our understanding of Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte invasion and protective immunity have hampered development of vivax vaccines. P. vivax exclusively invades reticulocytes that is mediated by the P. vivax reticulocyte-binding proteins (PvRBPs) specifically PvRBP2c and PvRBP1a. Vivax infections in Duffy-null individuals have(More)
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