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The reliable estimation of the pupil position is one the most important prerequisites in gaze-based HMI applications. Despite the rich landscape of image-based methods for pupil extraction, tracking the pupil in real-world images is highly challenging due to variations in the environment (e.g. changing illumination conditions, reflection, etc.), in the eye(More)
The task of automatically tracking the visual attention in dynamic visual scenes is highly challenging. To approach it, we propose a Bayesian online learning algorithm. As the visual scene changes and new objects appear, based on a mixture model, the algorithm can identify and tell visual saccades (transitions) from visual fixation clusters (regions of(More)
Exploring the effects of expertise on eye movements and visual search behavior of surgeons may help to improve and speed up the training of novices. However, comparing scan patterns to each other is a non-trivial task. This work employs several state-of-the-art, automated scan pattern comparison methods to re-analyze eye-tracking data of neu-rosurgeons that(More)
Post-chiasmal visual pathway lesions and glaucomatous optic neuropathy cause binocular visual field defects (VFDs) that may critically interfere with quality of life and driving licensure. The aims of this study were (i) to assess the on-road driving performance of patients suffering from binocular visual field loss using a dual-brake vehicle, and (ii) to(More)
Neuron morphology is frequently used to classify cell-types in the mammalian cortex. Apart from the shape of the soma and the axonal projections, morphological classification is largely defined by the dendrites of a neuron and their subcellular compartments, referred to as dendritic spines. The dimensions of a neuron's dendritic compartment, including its(More)
PURPOSE Homonymous visual field defects (HVFDs) may critically interfere with quality of life. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of HVFDs on a supermarket search task and to investigate the influence of visual search on task performance. METHODS Ten patients with HVFDs (four with a right-sided [HR] and six with a left-sided defect [HL]), and(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to automated recognition of the driver's activity, which is a crucial factor for determining the take-over readiness in conditionally autonomous driving scenarios. Therefore, an architecture based on head-and eye-tracking data is introduced in this study and several features are analyzed. The proposed approach is(More)
Advanced glaucomatous visual field loss may critically interfere with quality of life. The purpose of this study was to (i) assess the impact of binocular glaucomatous visual field loss on a supermarket search task as an example of everyday living activities, (ii) to identify factors influencing the performance, and (iii) to investigate the related(More)
Recently we have shown how hot-spots during test can be avoided without unnecessarily increasing the testing time by using a thermal-safe test scheduling approach [15]. In this work, we investigate the impact of scan shift frequency scaling on the thermal-safe test scheduling performance and propose an algorithm which embeds shift frequency scaling into the(More)