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This paper describes the design of a system that can give information of vehicle position everytime there's a request for it. The information of vehicle position is gained from GPS and it is transmitted using Short Message Services. The system is designed using VHDL on Altera MAX+plus II software, and it is implemented on Altera UPIX demoboard based on FPGA(More)
Usually, home automation system has limited in terms of programmability and customization. Modular system is a common thing in the hardware design which is used to convert a complex design into smaller modules. This paper introduce a modular home automation system, where users could modify the system as their own design. This system has three main feature(More)
Recently technological and population development, the usage of vehicles are rapidly increasing and at the same time the rate of accidents are also increasing. Hence, the value of human life is ignored. No one can prevent the accident, but can save their life by expediting the ambulance to the hospital in time. A new vivid scheme called Accident Positioning(More)
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