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Limits of Electoral Predictions Using Twitter
Using social media for political discourse is becoming common practice, especially around election time. One interesting aspect of this trend is the possibility of pulsing the public’s opinion aboutExpand
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How (Not) to Predict Elections
Using social media for political discourse is increasingly becoming common practice, especially around election time. Arguably, one of the most interesting aspects of this trend is the possibility ofExpand
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The power of prediction with social media
– Social media provide an impressive amount of data about users and their interactions, thereby offering computer and social scientists, economists, and statisticians – among others – newExpand
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Vocal Minority Versus Silent Majority: Discovering the Opionions of the Long Tail
Social networks such as Face book and Twitter have become the favorite places on the Web where people discuss real-time events. In fact, search engines such as Google and Bing have specialExpand
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Can Collective Sentiment Expressed on Twitter Predict Political Elections?
Research examining the predictive power of social media (especially Twitter) displays conflicting results, particularly in the domain of political elections. This paper applies methods used inExpand
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Social Media and the Elections
Manipulation of social media affects perceptions of candidates and compromises decision-making. In the United States, social media sites—such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—are currently beingExpand
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From Obscurity to Prominence in Minutes: Political Speech and Real-Time Search
Recently, all major search engines introduced a new feature: real-time search results, embedded in the first page of organic search results. The content appearing in these results is pulled byExpand
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The Visible and Invisible in a MOOC Discussion Forum
Online discussion forums in a MOOC setting allow students to become aware of other students enrolled in the course. However, what is (usually) visible in the forums is the output of ``active''Expand
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On the predictability of the U.S. elections through search volume activity
In recent years several researchers have reported that the volume of Google Trends and Twitter chat over time can be used to predict several kinds of social and consumer metrics. From the success ofExpand
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The rise and the fall of a citizen reporter
Recently, there has been some research interest in the development of online communities sharing news and information curated by "citizen reporters". Using "Big Data" techniques researchers try toExpand
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