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Image matching is a stage one performs as soon as one has two images of the same scene, taken from two different points of view. Matching these images aims at finding the mathematical transformation that enables passing from any point of the first one to the corresponding point in the other. As this study is related to satellite images, we show that the(More)
This paper deals with image representation improvement using hybrid color spaces. This representation is important because it influences segmentation and classification results. We present two improvements of an existing supervised algorithm to obtain the most adapted hybrid color space for a given image. These improvements are based on a multi-objective(More)
Nowaday, the localisation of vegetation using satellite images is a classical application of remote sensing. More precisely, using very high spatial resolution images (such as IKONOS, Quickbird or Spot Vegetation) allow to accuratly localise forest border. This allow for example to follow the evolution of forest surface in order to prevent deforestation.(More)
During the last decade, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) considerably evolved: the amount of stored data explodes and the tools used to treat them have been improved. During the same period the arrival of very high spatial resolution satellite images (less than 1 meter) gives an inexhaustible source of information actually largely unexploited. We(More)
This paper presents some considerations about hybrid optimization algorithms useful to optimize real complex system. The given indication could be used by readers to conceive hybrid algorithms. These considerations have been deducted from a concrete application case: the satellites constellations design problem. But each of the advanced techniques proposed(More)