Engracia Madejón

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BACKGROUND: The ability of snails to accumulate trace elements (TE) is well known. We analyzed the Theba pisana snail as indicator of soil contamination by TE after a mine spill accident, to assess the exposure of animal and human consumption. Snails were collected in autumn and spring, when they are most active. RESULTS: In general, TE in the soft tissues(More)
In 1998, a toxic mine spill polluted a 55-km2 area in a basin southward to Doñana National Park (Spain). Subsequent attempts to restore those trace element-contaminated soils have involved physical, chemical, or biological methodologies. In this study, the restoration approach included application of different types and doses of organic amendments: biosolid(More)
The effect of the addition of biosolids combined with a native arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum on growth of a eucalypt (Eucalyptus cladocalyx), and on trace element stabilization of arsenical sulphidic gold mine tailings was tested. A glasshouse trial was established using four substrates: tailings (T); tailings with a layer of topsoil (TS); tailings(More)
We evaluate the mid-term effects of two amendments and the establishment of R. officinalis on chemical and biochemical properties in a trace element contaminated soil by a mine spill and the possible use of this plant for stabilization purposes. The experiment was carried out using containers filled with trace element polluted soil, where four treatments(More)
The present study of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi is focused on the identification of AM ecotypes associated with different plants species (Poa annua, Medicago polymorpha, and Malva sylvestris) growing in three contaminated soils with different organic matter, phosphorus, and trace element (TE; Cu, Cd, Mn, and Zn) contents. Soils were amended with(More)
The use of fast growing trees could be an alternative in trace element contaminated soils to stabilize these elements and improve soil quality. In this study we investigate the effect of Paulownia fortunei growth on trace element contaminated soils amended with two organic composts under semi-field conditions for a period of 18 months. The experiment was(More)
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