Eng Chew

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Three types of test objects were superimposed on noisy backgrounds and observed by 58 subjects: large low-contrast disks to simulate tumors, small disks to simulate calcifications, and bars to simulate blood vessels. Three types of noise were used: random noise, CT noise (reconstructed random noise), and an actual water scan taken with an EMI CT1010(More)
An exploratory study of web-based cognitive business intelligence systems (CBIS) is presented in this paper. The underpinning concepts and theories are situation awareness, mental model, and naturalistic decision making (NDM). The CBIS is an extension of the traditional business intelligence system with cognitive orientation. It focuses on developing,(More)
This paper takes a cross-disciplinary view of the ontology of “business process”: how the concept is treated in the IS research literature and how related concepts (with stronger human behavioural orientation) from organisation and management sciences can potentially inform this IS perspective. In particular, is there room for socio-technical concepts such(More)