Eng Ban Shuy

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A drift and pumpback experiment was conducted in a brackish water sandfill. The sandfill was reclaimed from the sea in the eastern part of Singapore and contains sands with low organic and clay/silt contents. The high salinity in the ground water precludes the use of chloride and bromide as tracers in such an environment, and a field experiment was(More)
The results of an investigation characterizing the nutrients and suspended solids contained in stormwater from Kranji Catchment in Singapore are reported in this paper. Stormwater samples were collected from 4 locations and analyzed for the following eleven analytes: TOC, DOC, TN, TDN, NH(4)(+), NO(2)(-)+NO(3)(-) (NO(x)), TP, TDP, OP, SiO(2) and TSS.(More)
Results of experiments investigating geochemical changes during artificial recharge of treated wastewater at a coastal sandfill, reclaimed with sand dredged from the seabed, are reported in this paper. Laboratory batch experiments were conducted using secondary effluent (SE) and SE treated with an additional ultrafiltration process (UF), and wastewater(More)
A controlled artificial recharge experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of soil aquifer treatment during percolation of secondary and tertiary (ultrafiltered) treated wastewater through the shallow vadoze zone of a newly constructed coastal sandfill. The sandfill is a reclaimed land constructed from marine sand dredged from the seabed. To obtain(More)
Results from a direct recharge experiment conducted in the field to investigate DOC and UVA(254) attenuation rates during the direct injection of UF treated wastewater into a artificial coastal sandfill are presented in this paper. Approximately 500 m(3) of ultra-filtered wastewater was injected into the saturated zone, over a period of 9 days. The movement(More)
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