Enfu Liu

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Edwardsiella tarda EIB202, a Gram-negative pathogen with strong virulence, is an opportunistic pathogen capable of causing edwardsiellosis with high mortality to fish. Alternative sigma factor 54 (RpoN) is an important regulator of virulence and stress resistance genes in many bacterial species and mainly responsible for transcription of genes in nitrogen(More)
— Map retrieval, the problem of similarity search over a large collection of 2D pointset maps previously built by mobile robots, is crucial for autonomous navigation in indoor and outdoor environments. Bag-of-words (BoW) methods constitute a popular approach to map retrieval; however, these methods have extremely limited descriptive ability because they(More)
Polychromatic sets theory is used for box parts CAPP expert system so as to store knowledge rules of selecting machining method in the form of contour matrix. The rules can be adopted to provide a new way to build process knowledge base. Through the logic operation of coloring in the knowledge base, the machining schemes relating to their features can be(More)
Active knowledge aided system is described in the paper according to the Characteristics of previous knowledge aided system. The construction mechanism of active knowledge aided system is proposed by giving the example of typical automobile parts. Based on the knowledge base and the principles of human's rapid utilization of knowledge, the knowledge(More)
Mechanical product design is one of typical fields which strongly depend on past experience, and its domain knowledge constitution is complex. Oriented to industrial application and product design process, driving serial design of mechanical product by domain knowledge can make the designers release from the onerous repeated work. According to(More)
An approach to the solution of sequencing machining step on a machining center is proposed. Constraints model is established based on polychromatic sets theory and it is combined with a Genetic Algorithm to a sequence machining step on a machining center. In the model part contour matrix is used to formalize the conditioned restrictions visually and(More)
The application of CAD and artificial intelligence technology, which adopts reasonable CBR realization mode, meets industry practice and design habit of designer, and can support product design process effectively, and is a very practical realization way of automotive and rapid design of series product. It is a very important research of CAD and artificial(More)
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