Enesia Wilson

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The present study was undertaken to increase the yield of Eimeria tenella oocysts in primary chicken kidney cells (PCKCs) using a comparatively inexpensive cell-culture system. PCKCs growing on coverslips positioned on the bottoms of individual wells in 24-well tissue-culture plates were infected with sporozoites of E. tenella. The effects of changing the(More)
This article reports the time course and clinical features of acute ethanol poisoning in an elderly man who had previously abstained from alcohol. Several hours after ingestion, severe hypotension and hypothermia developed, and the consciousness level was reduced. Supportive measures were sufficient to allow the patient's blood pressure and temperature to(More)
Despite the importance of trust across multiple levels in organizations, extant reviews have focused predominantly on trust at the individual level. A systematic review of trust research across levels and trust referents is sorely needed to synthesize the growing number of both micro and macro studies on this topic. Moreover, as trust is a linchpin for(More)
The present study was undertaken to adapt a field isolate (F0) of Eimeria tenella to grow in primary chicken kidney cells (PCKCs) by selecting for characteristics of the parasite rather than modifying the culture and/or environmental conditions. Fourteen generations (F1 to F14) of E. tenella were produced following repeated passages between PCKCs and(More)