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In this study, pretreatment of Afyon (Turkey) alcaloide factory wastewater, a typical high strength industrial wastewater (chemical oxygen demand (COD)=26.65 kgm(-3), biological oxygen demand (BOD(5))=3.95 kgm(-3)), was carried out by wet air oxidation process. The process was performed in a 0.75 litre specially designed bubble reactor. Experiments were(More)
Two new biflavonoids, (8-hydroxy-3'-β-D-galactosyl-isoflavone)-2'-8''-(4'''-hydroxy-flavone)biflavone (2); 2',3',5-trihydroxy-5''-methoxy-3''-Oα-glucosyl-3-4'"-O-biflavone (3) and along with apigenin (1) and quercetin-3-O-β-glucoside (4) were isolated by activity guided fractionation from the whole plant of Solanum nigrum L.. The structures were established(More)
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