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Nuclear stellar clusters are a common phenomenon in spirals and in starbursts galaxies, and they may be a natural consequence of the star formation processes in the central regions of galaxies. HST UV imaging of a few Seyfert 2 galaxies have resolved nuclear starbursts in Seyfert 2 revealing stellar clusters as the main building blocks of the extended(More)
Vegetation maps are the starting point for the design of protected areas and regional conservation plans. Accurate vegetation maps are missing for much of Amazonia, preventing the development of effective and compelling conservation strategies. Here we used a network of 160 inventories across northwestern Amazonia to evaluate the use of Landsat and Shuttle(More)
We present the kinematical data obtained for a sample of active (Seyfert) and non active isolated spiral galaxies, based on long slit spectra along several position angles in the Hα line region and, in some cases, in the Ca triplet region as well. Gas velocity distributions are presented, together with a simple circular rotation model that allows to(More)
A study of Marangoni-driven local continuous film drainage between two drops induced by an initially nonuniform interfacial distribution of insoluble surfactant is reported. Using the lubrication approximation, a coupled system of fourth-order nonlinear partial differential equations was derived to describe the spatio-temporal evolution of the continuous(More)
Field studies in Amazonia have found a relationship at continental scales between soil fertility and broad trends in forest structure and function. Little is known at regional scales, however, about how discrete patterns in forest structure or functional attributes map onto underlying edaphic or geological patterns. We collected airborne LiDAR (Light(More)
We present the results of a double analysis of the ionizing cluster in NGC 588, a giant HII region (GHR) in the outskirts of the nearby galaxy M33. For this purpose, we obtained ground based long-slit spectroscopy and combined it with archival ground based and space borne imaging and spectroscopy, in the wavelength range 1100– 9800Å. A first modeling of the(More)
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