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Some advanced concepts for gated viewing are presented, including spectral diversity illumination techniques, non-line-of-sight imaging, indirect scene illumination, and in particular setups in bistatic configurations. By using a multiple-wavelength illumination source target speckles could be substantially reduced, leading to an improved image quality and(More)
In this paper we describe a procedure for generating building models from large scale vector maps and laser altimeter data. First the vector map is analyzed. The result is used to mask the elevation data of single buildings and to derive a coarse 3D-description by prismatic models. Afterwards roofs are reconstructed by fitting planar surfaces to obtain a(More)
This paper presents a single numerical performance characteristic for the evaluation of seeker tracking algorithms. It concentrates on ship IR seeker tracking algorithms. Assessing the threat from guided missiles needs a sound evaluation of their performance. The main goal is to introduce a characteristic which is able to assess the threat for ships(More)
The knowledge of the spatial energy (or power) distribution of light beams reflected at the dynamic sea surface is of great practical interest in maritime environments. For the estimation of the light energy reflected into a specific spatial direction a lot of parameters need to be taken into account. Both whitecap coverage and its optical properties have a(More)
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