Endre Nemeth

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The propose of this study was to determine the influence of marathon race on hepcidin excretion in female athletes (age 26–45 years). Urine samples were taken before, immediately after, 1 and 3 days after the race. In the average, hepcidin transiently increased at day 1 from 32 to 85 ng/mg creatinine. We propose that the frequently observed iron deficiency(More)
Clinical and cardiovascular responses to drug therapy with furosemide were compared with those to furosemide plus digoxin in 15 heart patients with sinus rhythm admitted to the hospital for the management of congestive heart failure. Except for two patients in the group treated with furosemide alone, who required the addition of intravenous furosemide for(More)
Hintergrund und Fragestellung. Tubuslose Jet-Ventilationsverfahren bieten ein uneingeschränktes Operationsfeld ohne Gefahren bei der Laserchirurgie und haben sich bei endolaryngealen Eingriffen bewährt. Zur Ermöglichung endotrachealer Eingriffe mit der mikroendoskopischen Technik haben wir Jet-Tracheoskopierohre entwickelt und seit 5 Jahren in Verwendung.(More)
New limits have been established to decrease mortality and morbidity rates after liver resection in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patients. Various laboratory data and imaging techniques have been used to complement the Child-Pugh score to predict liver failure after hepatectomy and to assess functional hepatic reserve. The greatest experiences are with the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Tubeless jet-ventilation offers the surgeon an unimpaired surgical field and is therefore widely used in endolaryngeal surgery. In order to permit endotracheal surgery using the same devices and instruments as those used for the larynx, we have developed special jet-tracheoscopes. Here, we report on our experience with superimposed(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Vasoconstrictors (i.e., epinephrine) are routinely applied before functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) but may have significant cardiac side effects. The controversy concerning clinical application of adrenaline is discussed. STUDY DESIGN In a prospectively controlled study of 51 patients undergoing FESS we evaluated the(More)
Computer-aided comparison of folk music from different nations is one of the newest research areas. We were intrigued to have identified some important similarities between phylogenetic studies and modern folk music. First of all, both of them use similar concepts and representation tools such as multidimensional scaling for modelling relationship between(More)
UNLABELLED The relative importance of the pancreatic venous and lymphatic routes for the transport of enzymes away from the pancreas was investigated. The activities of lipase and amylase were compared in arterial plasma, pancreaticoduodenal lymph and venous plasma, pancreatic interstitial fluid and juice in 31 anaesthetized dogs. Enzyme activities were(More)