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In der ~ilteren Medizin war die Lehre yon der W u r m k r a n k heit ein ansehnliches Kapitel , dessen Wicht igkei t aber in moderner Beleuchtung vielfach fibertr ieben schien. Diese Auffassung bedarf heute vielleicht einer Revision. In der neuesten Zeit, als B e r t r a m mit Rech t yon einer eno rm en HS.ufigkeit der Helminthiasis spricht, k6nnen die(More)
Generalizing results of our earlier paper, we investigate the following question. Let π(λ) : A → B be an analytic family of surjective homomorphisms between two Banach algebras, and q(λ) an analytic family of idempotents in B. We want to find an analytic family p(λ) of idempotents in A, lifting q(λ), i.e., such that π(λ)p(λ) = q(λ), under hypotheses of the(More)
The epireflective subcategories of Top, that are closed under epimorphic (or bimorphic) images, are {X | |X | ≤ 1}, {X | X is indiscrete} and Top. The epireflective subcategories of T2Unif , closed under epimorphic images, are: {X | |X | ≤ 1}, {X | X is compact T2}, {X | covering character of X is ≤ λ0} (where λ0 is an infinite cardinal), and T2Unif . The(More)
In this small survey we consider the volume product, and sketch some of the best upper and lower estimates known up to now, based on our paper [BMMR]. The author thanks the organizers of the conference in Jurata, March 2010, for their kind invitation, and the excellent atmosphere there. This paper is based on the talk of the author on that conference.
A list of questions and problems posed and discussed in September 2011 at the following consecutive events held at the Fields Institute, Toronto: Workshop on Discrete Geometry, Conference on Discrete Geometry and Optimization, and Workshop on Optimization. We hope these questions and problems will contribute to further stimulate the interaction between(More)