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Telesurgery means the remote application of interventional medical techniques; a concept that is currently widely practiced around the world for short distance through master-slave robot systems. The concept has the potential to service long distance telesurgery as well. However, this requires the effective handling of communication latency. The current(More)
Accidents are not only caused by poor technical conditions of the vehicles, but also by tired, indisposed, or bad state-of-minded drivers. The managing of human factors needs the control, recording and monitoring of the most important vital parameters of the driver. The paper presents a real-time system, which is based on ECG recording and processing and(More)
In Europe, the end of the 20 century was the period of the changing to digital systems, including television broadcasting. In Hungary the first digital terrestrial pilot transmissions were started in 1999 and the supplier company plans a start of the full services in autumn 2004, so the time is right to give a brief technical description what is it about(More)
The current paper presents a new approach using generic and meta-transformations for generating platform-specific transformer plugins from model transformation specifications defined by a combination of graph transformation and abstract state machine rules (as used within the Viatra2 framework). The essence of the approach is to store transformation rules(More)
Application of modern robust control methods using Mathematica are presented in this case-study for blood glucose control of Type I diabetic patients under intensive care. The methods are applied on the minimal model of Bergman [1], using computer algebra. Two modern robust control methods are exemplified: the disturbance rejection LQ control or minimax(More)
The case study presents modern robust control methods of the Bergman minimal model of Type I diabetic patients under intensive care using computer algebra: the disturbance rejection LQ control or minimax control (as extension of the classical LQ control) and the robust H<sub>¿</sub> control. It is shown the minimax control has limitations in practice, but(More)
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