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The Stony Brook Videotest (SBV), a measure of reality perceptions of television programs and commercials, was administered to 38 emotionally disturbed (ED), 35 learning disabled (LD), and 159 nonhandicapped elementary school children. The ED and LD children scored significantly lower than the comparison group, indicating that ED and LD children are less(More)
BACKGROUND Vulnerable prisoners and mentally disordered offenders who present with risk of harm to self or others were accommodated in Special Observation Cells (SOCs) isolated from others for considerable periods of time. This practice has been criticised by the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture. The objective of this initiative was(More)
INTRODUCTION In clinical practice, it is difficult to distinguish between patients with refractory asthma from those with poorly controlled asthma, where symptoms persist due to poor adherence, inadequate inhaler technique or comorbid diseases. We designed an audio recording device which, when attached to an inhaler, objectively identifies the time and(More)
BACKGROUND Increasingly researchers are turning to the use of haplotype analysis as a tool in population studies, the investigation of linkage disequilibrium, and candidate gene analysis. When the phase of the data is unknown, computational methods, in particular those employing the Expectation-Maximisation (EM) algorithm, are frequently used for estimating(More)
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