Encarna Sosa Sánchez

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The development of the Semantic Web has encouraged the creation of ontologies in a great variety of domains. Web users currently looking for ontologies in order to incorporate them into their systems, just use their experience and intuition. This makes it difficult for them to justify their choices. Mainly, this is due to the lack of methods that help the(More)
The increasing use of ontologies in recent years has led to much of the information represented in them appear in differently expressed ways. When integration processes of ontologies are required within the same domain, problems arise in the correspondence between the terms that appear in ontologies involved in the process. To solve this problem, this(More)
Resumen. Actualmente, la Web ofrece información disponible para las personas de forma muy heterogénea. Con la iniciativa de la Web semántica se persigue que el contenido de las páginas Web se disponga de forma que permita a personas y ordenadores “comprender” esta información, siguiendo esquemas comunes y consensuados mediante ontologías. Uno de los(More)
Web applications (WAs) developed by companies are usually adapted to cover new business rules due to continuous changes in the organization requirements. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) come to the scene to give a solution to these continuous changes providing a way to align business rules with underlying services. This is why there is a current trend(More)
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