Encarna Pastor

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This paper presents an extension to the Semantic Web Rule Language and a methodology to enable advanced mathematical support in SWRL rules. This solution separates mathematical and problem semantics allowing the inclusion of integration, differentiation and other operations not built-in to SWRL. Using this approach, it is possible to create rules to cope(More)
This paper describes pilot experiences of distance learning using videoconference over the public Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). Graduate and postgraduate courses of the Technical University of Madrid (Telecommunication Engineers) form the educational scenario chosen for the experiences. Several phases were defined to carry out the experiments,(More)
— By combining virtualization technologies, virtual private network techniques and parameterization of network scenarios it is possible to enhance a networking laboratory, typically carried out in university laboratory premises using equipment located there, by interconnecting it to virtual networks running on the students' own personal computers. This(More)