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Allergic diseases in animals are increasingly gaining importance in veterinary practice and as research models. For intradermal testing and allergen immunotherapy, a good knowledge of relevant allergens for the individual species is of great importance. Currently, the knowledge about relevant veterinary allergens is based on sensitization rates identified(More)
OBJECTIVE To communicate the results obtained from the registry of Home-Based Enteral Nutrition (HBEN) of the NADYA-SENPE group for the year 2006. MATERIAL AND METHODS Recompilation of the data from the HBEN registry of the NADYA-SENPE group from January 1st to December 31st of 2006. RESULTS During the year 2006, 3,921 patients (51% men) from 27(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the Home Enteral Nutrition Characteristics (HEN) recorded by the group NADYA-SENPE during 2009. MATERIAL AND METHOD collection and analysis of the data voluntary recorded in the HEN registry from the NADYA-SENPE group from January 1st to December 31st. RESULTS 6.540 HEN patients were registered, 5.11% more than the previous year(More)
UNLABELLED Patients with intestinal failure who receive HPN are at high risk of developing MBD. The origin of this bone alteration is multifactorial and depends greatly on the underlying disease for which the nutritional support is required. Data on the prevalence of this disease in our environment is lacking, so NADYA-SEMPE group has sponsored this(More)
AIM To present the results of the Spanish home enteral nutrition (HEN) registry of the year 2008 from the NADYA-SENPE group. MATERIAL AND METHODS We recorded the HEN registry data from January 1st to December 31st 2008. RESULTS The number of patients registered in this period was 6206 (51% male) with up to 6,279 episodes of HEN, from 31 Spanish(More)
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is indicated in a number of clinical situations involving obstructive disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or when total bowel rest is required. However, little is known of its effects upon the physiology of gastric storage and emptying. A study of the effects of lipid nutrient content of TPN on the gastric emptying of a(More)
AIM To report on the results of the Registry on Home-based Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) of the NADYA-SENPE working group, corresponding to the year 2002. MATERIALS AND METHOD Compilation of the registry data loaded by the Units in charge of HPN patients care. It consists of an on-line registry available to the registered users of the group's web page(More)