Encarna Gutierrez

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Progesterone is a key hormone in reproduction and plays a crucial regulatory role during the oestrous cycle and pregnancy. The effect of progesterone on the developmental competence of bovine oocytes is yet to be fully understood. Molecular tools might provide further information on the role of progesterone on expression of developmentally important genes.(More)
While vitrification has become a valuable system used in oocyte and embryo preservation, there is still much to be learned in optimizing this protocol. Both mature and immature oocytes can be vitrified but each presents challenging aspects. Mature oocytes have microfilaments that are not yet developed in immature oocytes, which are fragile and may be(More)
Although vitrification is becoming increasingly common for oocyte preservation, there has been recent evidence that some cryoprotectants may alter DNA methylation and so result in decreased oocyte developmental competence and abnormal embryonic development post-warming. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)- or(More)
Chlamydophila abortus is an intracellular pathogen and the etiological agent of enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE). C. abortus has a biphasic development cycle; extracellular infectious elementary bodies (EB) attach and penetrate host cells, where they give rise to intracellular, metabolically active reticulate bodies (RB). RB divide by binary fission and(More)
Immunosenescence studies of age-related immune system damage focused on clinical lymphopenic situations or androgenic blockade have revealed new insights about adult human immune reconstitution. However, as far as we know, the extent of lymphopoiesis in the thymus of elderly humans remains unclear. To this effect, we have analyzed 65 adult human thymuses(More)
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