Encarna Aguayo

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The influences of processing and storage on the quality indices and nutritional content of fresh-cut fruits were evaluated in comparison to whole fruits stored for the same duration but prepared on the day of sampling. Fresh-cut pineapples, mangoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, strawberries, and kiwifruits and whole fruits were stored for up to 9 days in air(More)
Red pigmented 'Lollo Rosso' lettuce was processed under usual and controlled conditions in an industrial plant. At different steps of the production chain (reception, shredding, washing, draining, rinsing, centrifugation, and packaging), microbial counts were evaluated. Following industrial practices, processed lettuce was packaged at 5 degrees C in sealed(More)
Dominance measuring methods are an approach to deal with complex decision-making problems with imprecise information. These methods are based on the computation of pairwise dominance values and exploit the information in the dominance matrix in different ways to derive measures of dominance intensity and rank the alternatives under consideration. In this(More)
Chlorine is commonly used to reduce microbial load in fresh-cut vegetables. However, the production of chlorinated organic compounds, such as trihalomethanes, which are potential carcinogens, has created the need to investigate the efficiency of nontraditional sanitizers and alternative techniques. The effects of 4 novel sanitizers were tested in fresh-cut(More)
BACKGROUND The fresh-cut industry produces thousands of tons of waste in non-edible portions that present an environmental and management problem. These by-products could be reused, in particular, to obtain bioactive compounds. In this study, five different fresh-cut watermelon cultivars were assessed for their flesh and by-product bioactive contents. (More)
l-Citrulline is an excellent candidate to reduce muscle soreness, and watermelon is a fruit rich in this amino acid. This study investigated the potential of watermelon juice as a functional drink for athletes. An in vitro study of intestinal absorption of l-citrulline in Caco-2 cells was performed using unpasteurized (NW), pasteurized (80 °C for 40 s)(More)
BACKGROUND Biochemical and enzymatic responses to long-term regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) at harvest, during cold storage and after the retail sale period of 'Flordastar' early peaches were evaluated. Irrigation strategies were Control, and two RDI applied during post-harvest period (RDI1 , severe; RDI2 , moderate), based on different thresholds of(More)
The fresh-cut industry is constantly growing and generating wastes. The major challenge for this industry consists in an environmentally sustainable production through re-utilization of by-products, for instance, in extraction of bioactive compounds. In this paper, the nutritional and functional compounds of apple, potato, cucumber, melon and watermelon(More)
Kohlrabi stems (without leaves) were stored under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for 60 d at 0 degrees C. An additional retail sale period of 3 d at 12 degrees C after each cold storage evaluation (30 and 60 d) was applied. Under high relative humidity (RH) and 0 degrees C, the stems showed low metabolic activity, as no changes in sugars and organic(More)