Enas M. F. El Houby

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The objective of this research is the analysis of predicting the response for treatment in patient with hepatitis C virus. The Interferon Alfa (IFN) in combination with ribavirin (RBV) is used as a standard therapy for chronic hepatitis C (CHC), it is very expensive and accompanied with great side effects, with that it fails in more than half cases. For the(More)
Semantic information retrieval of biological documents is an information retrieval approach that utilizes semantics to improve the search recall and precision. This research presents a framework for a semantic biological retrieval system that effectively searches and retrieves meaningful results using Gene Ontology. The system takes two related biological(More)
Online literatures are increasing in a tremendous rate. Biological domain is one of the fast growing domains. Biological researchers face a problem finding what they are searching for effectively and efficiently. The aim of this research is to find documents that contain any combination of biological process and/or molecular function and/or cellular(More)
Hepatitis C which is a widely spread disease all over the world is a fatal liver disease caused by Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). The only approved therapy is interferon plus ribavirin. The number of responders to this treatment is low, while its cost is high and side effects are undesirable. Treatment response prediction will help in reducing the patients who(More)
Nowadays, the proliferation of geographic information systems has caused great interest in geographical ontologies. Geographical ontologies have been introduced to facilitate knowledge sharing and to assist in recognizing spatial terms employed in a query. In this research the full model of the Nile River geographical ontology has been developed to meet the(More)
The World Wide Web provides a vast source of information of almost all types. Biological data specifically have increased dramatically in the past years because of the exponential growth of knowledge in biological domain. It is very difficult to search for the required data in unstructured documents. Text documents often hide valuable structured data. This(More)
The recognizing and pre-detecting process of genetic mutation becomes an important issue for research. There are various techniques that may help in detecting diseases, cancer and tumors. Microarray is considered as type of representation for gene expression that may help in detection process. M microarrays are considered as a representation for samples(More)
There is a vast amount of unstructured Arabic information on the Web, this data is always organized in semi-structured text and cannot be used directly. This research proposes a semi-supervised technique that extracts binary relations between two Arabic named entities from the Web. Several works have been performed for relation extraction from Latin texts(More)
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