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Multi-source information fusion was introduced for the evaluation on driver fatigue which is divided into sub-systematic and systematic evaluation by integrating information from visual cues in common use and steering wheel behavior and vehicle¿s trajectory information. Neural network is combined with Dempster-Shafer evidence theory to finish character(More)
Most automatic steering systems for large tractors are designed with hydraulic systems that run on either constant flow or constant pressure. Such designs are limited in adaptability and applicability. Moreover, their control valves can unload in the neutral position and eventually lead to serious hydraulic leakage over long operation periods. In response(More)
—As the major factor to driving safety, human error is induced both by inner factors and external environment factors. But until now, the systematical method for predicting driver's behavior failure has not been put forward yet. Therefore, based on the contextual control model used in CREAM, the effects of the driving environment to the driver's behavior(More)
—The expert system for tractor cab man-machine interface evaluation was developed using Visual C++ and CLIPS that is one of the expert system tools on the redevelopment platform of CATIA. The system structure and functions were presented. The knowledge expression, reason mechanism and the design and build method of knowledge base were put forward. The(More)
The processing of image object of visual sensor is a key issue in robot intelligent control. A new method for object recognition based on Radon transform is proposed. On the basis of image preprocessing, the algorithm for extracting the shape features of image object at different angles based on Radon Transform (RT) is given. To increase the efficiency of(More)
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