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This paper proposes a scheme for systematically estimating fingerprint ridge orientation and segmenting fingerprint image by means of evaluating the correctness of the ridge orientation based on neural network. The neural network is used to learn the correctness of the estimated orientation by gradient-based method. The trained network is able to(More)
A biometric system usually contains two stages: registration and authentication. Most biometric systems capture multiple samples of the same biometric trait at registration. As a result, it is essential to select several samples as templates. This paper proposes two algorithms maximum match scores (MMS) and greedy maximum match scores (GMMS) based on match(More)
A new triterpene (1), 3-β-O-olean-11,13 (18)-diene-23,28-dioic acid, together with five known compounds (2-6), was isolated from Anoectochilus elwesii and their structures were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic methods and comparison with the literature data. Compound 1 was the first example of highly oxygenated triterpene obtained from Anoectochilus(More)
Integrating radius information has been demonstrated by recent work on multiple kernel learning (MKL) as a promising way to improve kernel learning performance. Directly integrating the radius of the minimum enclosing ball (MEB) into MKL as it is, however, not only incurs significant computational overhead but also possibly adversely affects the kernel(More)