En-Rong Yeh

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Methods have been developed for on-line computer enhancement of a scintillation camera's myocardial images and for a graphical presentation showing relative thallium-201 activity in the myocardium. Enhancement uses fast Fourier transform techniques. The methods have been applied to multiple images obtained after stress and 4--5 hr rest. Patients with(More)
Jugular venous reflux was observed in six routine cerebral radionuclide angiograms. Repeat studies during a Valsalva maneuver failed to reproduce the reflux. In one case the reflux appeared to be related to the arm position; but in the other five cases, the cause remains unknown. Such reflux may be mistaken for superior vena cava syndrome or asymmetric(More)
Minicomputer methods were developed to enhance lesions in scintillation camera images. This study was directed towards improving the diagnostic quality of liver images. A PDP-12 digital computer was interfaced to a Pho/Gamma HP III scintillation camera and programmed to carry out two-dimensional frequency-domain analysis and processing as an on-line(More)
  • E L Yeh
  • 1979
During ultrasounc studies of the abdomen, three cases of pericardial effusion, two proven and one presumptive, were detected as incidental findings. Pericardial effusion was not clinically suspected at the time of study. Study of the heart-liver interface is simple and can be done in routine abdominal ultrasound study. The pericardial effusion can also be(More)
This paper investigates the spectral properties of a one-dimensional photonic crystal (PC) containing an inhomogeneous polymer- dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) as a defect layer. Experimental results indicate that the voltage-induced reorientation of LC molecules between the light-scattering and transparent states in the PDLC enables the electrical tuning(More)
  • E L Yeh
  • 1977
Different types of reverberations which may cause confusing artifacts in echocardiograms are described. Reverations between the targets may result in identifiable complex echo patterns. An echocardiogram with reverberating echoes is presented. Several experimental studies were done to explain the reverbating echoes. The reverberating echoes may be more(More)
Proper orientation of the B-mode ultrasonic aspiration transducer is important for accurate imaging during aspiration biopsy. The transducer extension axis must be perpendicular to the plane of the scanning arm for accurate representation of reflector locations. Single pass scans without compound angulation of the transducer are recommended when(More)