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Let Trk : F2 ⊗ GLk PHi(BVk) → Ext A (F2, F2) be the algebraic transfer, which is defined by W. Singer as an algebraic version of the geometrical transfer trk : π S ∗ ((BVk)+) → πS ∗ (S0). It has been shown that the algebraic transfer is highly nontrivial and, more precisely, that Trk is an isomorphism for k = 1, 2, 3. However, Singer showed that Tr5 is not(More)
It is well established that benthivorous fish in shallow lakes can create turbid conditions that influence phytoplankton growth both positively, as a result of elevated nutrient concentration in the water column, and negatively, due to increased attenuation of light. The net effect depends upon the degree of turbidity induced by the benthivores. Stocked(More)
We applied natural abundance stable isotope δ13C and radiocarbon ∆14C analyses to investigate trophic linkages between zooplankton and their potential food sources (phytoplankton, submersed plants, and allochthonous organic carbon) in Lake Nam Co, one of the largest oligosaline and oligotrophic lakes in the Tibetan Plateau, in south-west China. The δ13C and(More)
Terrestrial chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) could subsidize lake food webs. Trophic state and altitude have a pronounced influence on the CDOM concentration and composition of a lake. The impact of future changes in solar radiation on high-altitude lakes is particularly alarming because these aquatic ecosystems experience the most pronounced(More)
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