En-Bing Lin

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A wavelet based method for transforming DNA sequences is illustrated by using the small subunit of the ribosome. This paper discusses the application of multi resolution analysis on FASTA-formatted DNA sequences using biorthogonal wavelets. Once transformed, the data could be used for pairwise or multiple sequence alignments needed for studies of(More)
BACKGROUND Exhaled aerosol patterns, also called aerosol fingerprints, provide clues to the health of the lung and can be used to detect disease-modified airway structures. The key is how to decode the exhaled aerosol fingerprints and retrieve the lung structural information for a non-invasive identification of respiratory diseases. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS(More)
The concept of discernibility thresholds in the variable precision model (VP-model) is presented to classify sets in a nonempty finite universe. Analysis of inconsistent decision table is obtained by using the tools in VP-model. The tools are obtained by the interplay among inclusion error, discernibility threshold dependency and consistency as well as(More)