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Color perception can be categorical: Between-category discriminations are more accurate than equivalent within-category discriminations. The effects could be inherited, learned, or both. The authors provide evidence that supports the possibility of learned categorical perception (CP). Experiment 1 demonstrated that observers' color discrimination is(More)
Categorical perception is often cited as a striking example of cognitive influences on perception. However, some evidence suggests the term is a misnomer, with effects based on cognitive not perceptual processing. Here, using a psychophysical approach, we provide evidence consistent with a learned categorical perception effect that is dependent on analysis(More)
Roberson and Davidoff (2000) found that color categorical perception (CP; better cross-category than within-category discrimination) was eliminated by verbal, but not by visual, interference presented during the interstimulus interval (ISI) of a discrimination task. On the basis of this finding, Roberson and Davidoff concluded that CP was mediated by verbal(More)
The motive to attain a distinctive identity is sometimes thought to be stronger in, or even specific to, those socialized into individualistic cultures. Using data from 4,751 participants in 21 cultural groups (18 nations and 3 regions), we tested this prediction against our alternative view that culture would moderate the ways in which people achieve(More)
Observers can use spatial scale information flexibly depending on categorisation task and on their prior sensitisation. Here, we explore whether attentional modulation of spatial frequency processing at early stages of visual analysis may be responsible. In three experiments, we find that observers' perception of spatial frequency (SF) band-limited scene(More)
Population Planning Code No. 2827 which changed some articles of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding those who practice and arrange induced abortion came into force in 1983. Through this code, induced abortion is now permitted within a defined period of time. As a result of this change, new concepts and elements regarding induced abortion have appeared in(More)
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