Emre Kopanoglu

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Turbo Spin Echo (TSE) is a method of acquiring the echoes of a Cartesian readout in a T2-weighted echo train, resulting in a very fast imaging time. On the other hand, recent methods of spatial encoding with nonlinear magnetic fields have been studied by our group and others to reduce data acquisitions time, such as, PatLoc, O-Space, Null Space, 4D-RIO,(More)
PURPOSE Turbo spin echo (TSE) imaging reduces imaging time by acquiring multiple echoes per repetition (TR), requiring fewer TRs. O-space can also require fewer TRs by using a combination of nonlinear magnetic gradient fields and surface coil arrays. Although to date, O-space has only been demonstrated for gradient echo imaging, it is valuable to combine(More)
During magnetic resonance imaging, there is an interaction between the time-varying magnetic fields and the active implantable medical devices (AIMD). In this study, in order to express the nature of this interaction, simplified analytical expressions for the electric fields induced by time-varying magnetic fields are derived inside a homogeneous(More)
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