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A structural model of the reservoir can be attained. Some data can be obtained from wells (i.e. well logs, cores, well tests …) Geostatistical variogram models can be developed with the available data to interpolate / extrapolate available well data to the entire field. Flow in that 3D reservoir can be modeled with commercial reservoir simulators to predict(More)
Waterflooding is a significantly important process in the life of an oil field to sweep previously unrecovered oil between injection and production wells and maintain reservoir pressure at levels above the bubble-point pressure to prevent gas evolution from the oil phase. This is a critical reservoir management practice for optimum recovery from oil(More)
Unfortunately, in the original published article, Accuracy subsection of Section 3.2, Table 4 and Table 5 were not correct. The correct text for the Accuracy subsection and Tables 4 and 5 are given below. Accuracy Prediction capabilities of each method can be analyzed by comparing each method’s ability to indentify high-connectivity zones in the reservoir.(More)
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