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Carbonic anhydrase (EC; CA) was purified and characterized from the liver of the teleost fish Dicentrarchus labrax (European seabass) for the first time. The purification procedure consisted(More)
Carbonic anhydrase (CA) was purified from Ağrı Balık Lake trout gill (fCA) by affinity chromatography on a sepharose 4B-tyrosine-sulfanilamide column. The fCA enzyme was purified with about a 303.9(More)
In this study, glutathione S-transferase (GST) enzyme was purified from nontumour and tumour human gastric tissue and in vitro effects of heavy metals on the enzyme were examined. GST was purified(More)
In our study, controlled experimental groups were performed by giving substances Lead acetate, Naringenin and Naringenin + Lead acetate to rats in vivo conditions Changes in the glucose 6-phosphate(More)