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BACKGROUND High voltage electrical injuries can cause devastating results especially in distal extremities. Although free flaps are the golden standards for the reconstruction of these defects, sometimes local flap alternatives are more useful. One of the most favorable local flap is distally based sural flap (DBSF), which can be used in cross-leg fashion(More)
Injury due to high-voltage (>1000V) electricity is one of the most challenging problems in emergency medicine and plastic surgery. Extremity amputation because of electrical injury yields a stump that leaves vital structures, such as bone, muscle, blood vessels, and nerves, exposed; these structures should be covered with appropriate tissue. We designed a(More)
BACKGROUND Reconstruction of medial canthal defects after tumour excision is difficult owing to the thin skin of the region and the concavity of the anatomical landmarks, which enclose complex structures such as the medial canthal ligament and the lacrimal system. Local reconstruction methods for this region include secondary healing, full-thickness skin(More)
OBJECTIVE One of the most common encountered problems in free flap surgeries is anastomotic thrombosis. The mean platelet volume (MPV) may indicate the concentration of intra-platelet proactive substances and the thrombogenic potential of the platelets. MPV is used as a clinical monitoring index in routine blood counts, it has not yet been effectively used(More)
BACKGROUND Free fibular flap is commonly used in mandibular reconstruction. In some cases, to obtain a longer vascular pedicle, the peroneal artery and vein are stripped of the proximal fibula with its periosteum. PATIENT A 17-year-old patient evaluated with fibromyxoma of the mandible underwent excision of the tumor and reconstruction with a 6-cm free(More)
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