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Semiconductor manufacturing is a capital-extensive industry. How to utilize billions of dollars of equipment as efficiently as possible is a critical factor for a semiconductor manufacturer to succeed in stiff competition. Improving performance of manufacturing process increases overall tool throughput, reduces operating costs, and saves companies millions(More)
A new system dynamics tool, T21-Ohio, was developed to support integrated and comprehensive development planning at the state level. Based on the Threshold 21 (T21) framework, T21-Ohio provides insights into the potential impacts of energy and environmental policies across a wide range of sectors, and reveals how different strategies interact with one(More)
The selection of appropriate machines is one of the most critical decisions in the design and development of a successful production environment. In this study, a user-friendly decision support system is proposed for machine tool selection. This system guides the decision-maker in selecting available machines via effective algorithms, such as the Analytic(More)
Cluster tools are highly integrated machines that can perform multiple manufacturing processes. A series of processing steps, transportation, and control are integrated into a single tool. We develop a novel simulation methodology to determine production schedules for cluster tools. The proposed approach provides route of products in the tool with given(More)
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