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This paper investigates the forecasting accuracy of fuzzy extended group decisions in the adjustment of statistical benchmark results. DELPHI is a frequently used method for implementing accurate group consensus decisions. The concept of consensus is subject to expert characteristics and it is sometimes ensured by a facilitator's judgment. Fuzzy set theory(More)
This paper investigates investment analysis issue on shipping business and handling of technical terms as well as financial circumstances. Ship investments are evaluated by several financial tools such as net present value, payback period etc. However, these financial methods have restrictions for analysis of technical factors such as speed of ship, under(More)
The purpose of this paper is to improve service quality of freight forwarders and explore the quality function deployment (QFD) in terms of quality management technique. Freight forwarder business is mainly characterized by lower capital investment and entry barrier comparing with a shipping line. Freight forwarders usually work closely with shipping or(More)
Many different parts of body participate in jumping. Especially, arms and lengths are the most important parts of the body that effect vertical and broad jumping. Out of these parts muscle structure is also an effective factor. Reproduction of variables is possible. In these situations the number of variables can exceed the number of observation unit. In(More)
The aim of this paper investigates the effective length of intervals for the fuzzy time series forecasting (FTSF) method. The length of intervals plays a significant role for the forecasting accuracy. The exponential length of intervals method is proposed and an empirical study is performed for forecasting of the time charter rates of Handymax dry bulk(More)
This paper proposes a cognitive model of shipping investment expertise by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach and judgmental process survey. Assessment of shipping assets is a complicated task includes both financial and technical aspects and requires high degree of expertise particularly for technical evaluation. As a supporting tool, a fuzzy(More)