Emrah Altindis

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Outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) produced by Gram-negative bacteria provide an interesting research material for defining cell-envelope proteins without experimental cell disruption. OMVs are also promising immunogenic platforms and may play important roles in bacterial survival and pathogenesis. We used in-solution trypsin digestion coupled to mass(More)
UNLABELLED The type VI secretion system (T6SS) is a dynamic macromolecular organelle that many Gram-negative bacteria use to inhibit or kill other prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells. The toxic effectors of T6SS are delivered to the prey cells in a contact-dependent manner. In Vibrio cholerae, the etiologic agent of cholera, T6SS is active during intestinal(More)
Vaccination is one of the safest and most cost-effective public health interventions, which save millions of lives annually. Thanks to all the genius pioneers of the field, we have already developed many effective vaccines. On the other hand, there are still many pathogens for which we do not yet have an effective or optimal vaccine, including malaria, HIV,(More)
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