Empar Pons

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of different personality dimensions on the individual's labour market choices. In addition, personality types were assessed for differential wage settings. The study is inspired by Bowles et al (2001), who suggested that individual characteristics might be rewarded or punished in the labour market.(More)
This article provides an explanation of the evolution and persistence of the women's segregation in jobs with less on-the-job training opportunities within the framework of an overlapping generations model with intergenerational transmission of preferences. ÔJob-priorityÕ and Ôfamily-priorityÕ preferences are considered. FirmsÕ policy and the distribution(More)
A functional skeletal criterion, as an extension of the van der Klaauw's cranial theory, was adopted in the present study. The null hypothesis tested was: "The major skeletal components of the platyrrhine body grow linearly, regardless of their functional dependence to different demands." The acceptance of the hypothesis will imply that all Saimiri skeletal(More)
The environmental effect on growth and sexual dimorphism is mediated by endocrinological dysfunctions. It was shown that malnutrition acts on the hypotalamus-pituitary-glandular axis. An experiment was made in Wistar rats to determine the effect of some gonadic hormones on the functional components of the skull to which sex dimorphism was alterated by a(More)
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