Emoke-Ágnes Horvát

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—Several important social network data sets have an inherent bipartite structure: for example, agents are affiliated with societies, authors write articles, customers buy, rent, or rate products. One commonly used network analytic approach to their analysis involves projecting them, i.e., deducing relations between actors of the same type (e.g. societies,(More)
SUMMARY Interactions between various types of molecules that regulate crucial cellular processes are extensively investigated by high-throughput experiments and require dedicated computational methods for the analysis of the resulting data. In many cases, these data can be represented as a bipartite graph because it describes interactions between elements(More)
Crowds offer a new form of efficacious collective decision making, yet knowledge about the mechanisms by which they achieve superior outcomes remains nascent. It has been suggested that crowds work best with market-like relationships when individuals make independent decisions and possess dissimilar information. By contrast, sociological discussions of(More)
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