Emna Fakhfakh

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The objective of this study was to quantify copper-, bacteria- and bacteriophage-binding capacities of natural clay with the aim of predicting the adsorption of heavy metals, human pathogenic bacteria and viruses by a clayey landfill liner. X-ray diffraction analysis of six natural clays showed that the dominant phase in all deposits consists of smectites(More)
The genus Capripoxvirus within the family Poxviridae comprises three closely related viruses, namely goat pox, sheep pox and lumpy skin disease viruses. This nomenclature is based on the animal species from which the virus was first isolated, respectively, goat, sheep and cattle. Since capripoxviruses are serologically identical, their specific(More)
The adsorption of Pb(2+) ions onto Tunisian smectite-rich clay in aqueous solution was studied in a batch system. Four samples of clay (AYD, AYDh, AYDs, AYDc) were used. The raw AYD clay was sampled in the Coniacian-Early Campanian of Jebel Aïdoudi in El Hamma area (South of Tunisia). AYDh and AYDs corresponds to AYD activated by 2.5 mol/l hydrochloric acid(More)
Following the bluetongue (BT) outbreaks in Tunisia from 1999 to 2002, BTV (bluetongue virus) serotype 2 was isolated; however, no entomological investigation was performed. In the study presented here, we assessed the Culicoides species populations (particularly C. imicola) in proximity to the BT outbreaks locations, both as a retrospective analysis and to(More)
As mobile data traffic continues to increase exponentially, finding an efficient solution to offload the cellular network traffic becomes very crucial for operators. The deployment of small cells yet help resolve part of this problem, but user traffic demands always exceeded the capacity of mobile networks. WiFi technology came as one of the most attractive(More)
The adsorption of a textile dye, namely, Indanthrene Blue RS (C.I. Vat Blue 4) onto smectite-rich clayey rock (AYD) and its sulphuric acid-activated products (AYDS) in aqueous solution was studied in a batch system with respect to contact time, pH, and temperature. The adsorbents employed were characterized by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and(More)
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