Emmeline Chuang

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An innovative architecture for compact, integrated volume holographic memories is described. It is based on phase-conjugate readout and on a modulator-detector-memory array implemented in a silicon integrated circuit. The lensless memory module sustains dynamic read-write holograms by periodic refreshing. The integrated circuit is described and(More)
Altruistic food giving among genetically unrelated individuals is rare in nature. The few examples that exist suggest that when animals give food to unrelated others, they may do so on the basis of mutualistic or reciprocally altruistic relationships. We present the results of four experiments designed to tease apart the factors mediating food giving among(More)
We report on the optical storage of digital data in a semiconductor sample containing DX centers. The diffraction efficiency and the bit-error-rate performance of multiplexed data images are shown to agree well with a simple model of the material. Uniform storage without an exposure schedule is demonstrated. The volume sensitivity is found to be ~10(3)(More)
PURPOSE The study aims were to determine: (a) how class structure varies by dance type, (b) how moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and sedentary behavior vary by dance class segments, and (c) how class structure relates to total MVPA in dance classes. METHOD Participants were 291 boys and girls ages 5 to 18 years old enrolled in 58 dance(More)
This study examined the effect of specific mental health disorders on the risk of juvenile justice system involvement and subsequent recidivism among maltreated children placed in out-of-home care. The sample was comprised of all children in Florida aged 7-17 years who were investigated for maltreatment and subsequently placed in out-of-home care between(More)
BACKGROUND Despite recent declines among young children, obesity remains a public health burden in the United States, including among Latino/Hispanic children. The determining factors are many and are too complex to fully address with interventions that focus on single factors, such as parenting behaviors or school policies. In this article, we describe a(More)
BACKGROUND The Veterans Health Administration (VA) has undertaken a major initiative to transform care through implementation of Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTs). Based on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) concept, PACT aims to improve access, continuity, coordination, and comprehensiveness using team-based care that is patient-driven and(More)
INTRODUCTION The etiology of childhood obesity is multidimensional and includes individual, familial, organizational, and societal factors. Policymakers and researchers are promoting social-ecological approaches to obesity prevention that encompass multiple community sectors. Programs that successfully engage low-income families in making healthy choices(More)
OBJECTIVES Identifying depression is the first step in provision of treatment across service settings but can be challenging for non-mental health providers. This study examined how caseworker identification of depression among parents and other caregivers during the child welfare investigation or assessment process varies as a function of agency,(More)
BACKGROUND Foundations and public agencies commonly fund focused initiatives for individual grantees. These discrete, stand-alone initiatives can risk failure by being carried out in isolation. Fostering synergy among grantees' initiatives is one strategy proposed for promoting the success and impact of grant programs. We evaluate an explicit strategy to(More)
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